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Anti-corrosion protection
All models permit its adaptation to atmospheres with aggressive acidic, saline or alkaline products, achieving a very high grade of protection.
Systems to get the bag ready
Depending of the product that is going to be manipulated, a suitable distribution inside the bag or the extraction of air allow a remarkable improvement in the result.
Sheets application on empty pallet
The use of cardboard, paper or plastic sheets protect the load from any damage against the pallet or during the handling.
Film application on empty pallet
A PE sheet protects the load and isolate it from humidity during transports or storage.
Sheets application between layers
It allows placing a cardboard, paper or plastic sheet between the layers of the pallet, increasing its stability. You can also place a sheet on the top layer in order to protect it.
Panels at the elevator
Side panels compact or fasten the load placed on the pallet during the palletization process. They can act on two or on the four sides of the pallet.
paletless system
The system allows the formation of palletised loads without using pallets. This means a saving in the production process.